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If you would like to sign up to become an Affiliated Partner and earn 10% commission for booking packages, please click here. We look forward to you joining us and can't wait to serve your princess clients. You cannot imagine the joy it is to experience the excitement of making a little girl princess dreams come true. 

You will get a personal link emailed to you to join the webinar. The webinar service is a bit over-zealous with the emails and confirmation/registration process.  You will first get one that says we have received your request to register and then the next one should be your personal link to join.  You will also then get a reminder email one hour prior to the start of the webinar.  And if you are not on at least two minutes prior to the start, they will dispatch the Chancellor of the Exchequer (who hand delivers the Queen of England's invites for afternoon tea at Buckingham Palace, yup that's who really does it) to get you on the webinar!

Okay, just kidding about the Chancellor coming to find you but do ask how we many people do you know that has had tea with the Queen?  After this you can say you know at least one!

We look forward to having a great get together, technology allowing (yes sometimes webinar software/hosting companies just don't cooperate)!

If you can't get into the webinar due to some odd technical issue during the meeting, please send a text to 407.885.3570 and include your email address. We will have a techie standing by to see if they can get you in.  (We have learned to have a back-up plan!)

Looking forward to our virtual meeting!

Jo Ellen Andrew
Cinderella's Chief Royal Dresser


Remember to "Always Be Kind and Have Courage"