One Cold Morning at Disney World

Princess Emmaline came to visit Orlando in March and the weather decided to turn very cold (A Frozen Princess must have been lurking about).  Emmaline could not wait to transform into Belle for her day at Disney World.

Her Royal Dresser appeared but sad she was that it was so cold she could not wear her dress that her Princess Mom has bought for her without something to cover her shoulders and arms. But alas her Character Dresser Royal Dresser was thinking ahead and saved the day!

Since Belle is known for her Red Rose affiliation, Emmalines Character Dresser thought to bring along one of their beautiful Red Hooded Wraps.  Mom saw the wrap and it made the Princess very happy.  Now she had a nice cover up that allowed her to show her best Princess side, still she her beautiful dress underneath yet keep on a warmer top without spoiling her princess look.

Once her Royal Dresser completed her package the results were undeniable. Her princess transformation was stunning.

The moral of this story is there are much cooler days that happen in Florida (rare but true) and whether you are doing an exclusive in-room princess package from Character Dresser or going to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, keep in mind the time of year and have an option ready for the possibility of a cooler day.


Jo Ellen AndrewComment