Which Princess Up-do Hairstyle Is Best?


Every girl visiting Disney World wants to be a princess when she meets her favorite princesses. The most important consideration should be (besides looking great for the pictures) is the heat and long days to tour Magic Kingdom and the other Disney World parks. And nothing is more important to us girls than our hair!

Every Disney Princess wants the beautiful, full hair look that typically only cartoon princesses can achieve!  But alas, Character Dresser has found a way to not only give her that full hair, up-do look, but also it can be easily repeated day after day.

Everyone that is a Disney fan has seen the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique princess up-do style. It does appear very tight. In fact, it hurts just looking at it.  Also the gel is so thick Mom's have reported it takes many wash-rinse-repeat cycles to get it out. But as we all know beauty sometimes requires sacrifices! (Yeah, um, forget that!)

There is an easy, comfortable and repeatable way simply by using a faux hair scrunchie.  Mom's (and even some Dad's) are amazed how easy it is once they see a Royal Dresser do it.  If you can make a pony tail you can do this!

Check out our video to see a Royal Dresser do it.  You can use some hair gel to keep any loose strands in place, but no need to saturate the entire head of hair. And if the hair is long enough, you can do it sans gel.

Leave a comment and let us know what you think about this softer, fuller style.  Also for girls with shorter hair or who just don't want an up-do our Heart Tiara Headband looks great too!

Jo Ellen AndrewComment