Preparing for Spring Break - There will Be Many New Princesses

The Royal Dressers are going to be busy this March & April!

The Royal Dressers are going to be busy this March & April!

Spring Break is shaping up to set records for theme park attendance.  Many hotels and resorts are already fully booked.  It is already hard to find good restaurant reservations as well as Princess Makeover Package Appointments.

Whether you are interested in a Disney World Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique experience at Magic Kingdom or a Character Dresser in-room experience, you need to book as far in advance as possible. 

Most princesses like to have their transformation appointment first thing so they may then spend their entire day in their attire and visiting other princesses they meet along the way.  At Character Dresser each appointment takes about 40 minutes and you are on your way to your destination.  And the best part is you can repeat the process each day including the up-do if you selected a package with the faux hair and Rhinestone Tiara or Crown.

Having an appointment late in the day does kind of defeat the purpose.  Even with the parks open late (till midnight or later) if her appointment is late afternoon, even at the castle, she won't have much time to meet other princesses, take pictures and enjoy touring in style.

Moral of the story is, book early and consider the time for your planned day activities, time out of your day to go through the transformation and enjoying the after-effect.