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Earn Commission from click-through's!

By being an affiliated partner you also can earn commission just by using a link we create just for you that can be used anywhere you have a presence on the Internet. By using your assigned link, we will track and pay commission for any booking order placed up to 365* days from the time someone clicks on your link.  Our introductory commission rate for click-through is 10%.  That is an extra 2.5% over what will be the standard 7.5% for click-through links.

Get paid commission on orders via any of your marketing efforts such as...

  • On your website
  • In Blog Posts
  • On Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or any Social Media Platform
  • In Newsletters
  • On Client Communications such as Reservation Confirmations

Upon registration we will send you a link to download artwork, images and display banners.

Anyone who clicks on your specific Character Dresser Link and places an order within 365 days*, you will earn commission even if they did not do any other business through you!  

How to book for a client:

To book for a client use our Book Now form and click "Affiliated Partner" on the form, fill in your 6 digit assigned Partner Code and we take it from there. We will process client payment/s, send client booking and product details, and a link for the terms and conditions of a visit. In addition, they can contact us directly to answer any questions or for changes.

Multiple Agents Under One Partner:

If you have multiple people booking for your business you can add those individuals now, add them later or have each agent add themselves here:  Add Agents Form

Individual agents will use the same main 6 digit agency number and Book Now form and process but will also have their own click-through link for use on their individual website, blogs, social media, newsletters and/or on client communications such as reservation confirmations. They will be associated with the main business and commission paid in the same manner.

If you have any questions that you would like answered before or after registration, please feel free to call us at 1+ 407.624.3030, use our Chat or email us at

We are so pleased to have you working with us to make each and every little Princess (and Prince) dream come true for their Disney World vacation.

* Every time someone clicks through from any partner link, that partner link is recorded and the 365 days begins or begins again unless they clear their cookies sooner. If they re-click and/or each subsequent click on any partner link records the partner tracking and re-starts the 365 day counter.

Character Dresser reserves the right to change terms, reject a partner, discontinue a partner and/or discontinue our affiliated partner program.  Any bookings already in place will be honored according to the terms listed at the time of booking. By becoming an affiliated partner via completing our form you are agreeing to our terms, communicating to clients that you book for our appointment requirements which are described in our Terms and Conditions as well as our website FAQs, adhere to Character Dresser’s high standards of customer service, communicate information required for appointments in a timely fashion, information to make commission payments and to never disparage the company or its services. Character Dresser reserves the right to reject bookings or orders placed.  Any disputes will be arbitrated in Orange County, Florida and governed by Florida law.